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Volcanoes of Tenerife Island

Volcanoes of Tenerife Island


Teide, 3715 m high, is the highest peak in
Atlantic ocean. Its last eruption was in 1909.

Teide is located inside Las Canadas caldera, size
of this caldera is 10 x 17 km.

Phonolitic lava flows on the slopes of Teide.

Closer look of covered by snow Peak Teide,
November 2002.

Scoria cones are very common at Tenerife.

Town Garachico on the northern coast of Tenerife was the
main fishing and trade port on the Island. In 1706 during a
several-week-long eruption it was strongly destroyed by
lava flows. Later the town was restored on the surface of
new lava flows.