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Santorini caldera, 2019 .

Santorini caldera, 2019 .


Santorini caldera with size 12x7 km. It was formed during
Minoan eruption at 3600 B - one of largest eruptions in human
history. In the caldera center New Kameni island.

New Kameni island with diameter 2 km was
appeared in 1707 and the last eruption on the
island was in 1950.

New Kameni island from close distance.
At the foreground 1940 lava flow.

Santorini principal city Fira was built on the
edge of 400 m high caldera.

Ancient Akrotiri town destroyed during Minoan
eruption. Its excavations were started at 1967.

Ancient town Thera located on the top of the
steep 400 m high mountain. It was founded
by colonists from Sparta at 900 BC and
abandoned at 800 AD.