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Volcanoes of Reunion island

Volcanoes of Reunion island


Shield volcano Piton de la Fournaise, located at the
SE part of the island. At the foreground - its lower
slopes composed by very fluid lava (Grand Brule).

Caldera Enclos Fouque at the upper part of volcano Piton
de la Fournaise. It is 8 km wide, in the center of caldera
Dolomieu cone. Fresh lava flows are in the cone slopes.

Dolomieu crater is located the top of Piton de la
Fournaise, it was formed in 1791.

Lava flows of Grand Brule near sea shore.

Former sea cliff covered by very fluid lava.

The highest point of Reunion island Piton de
Neiges (3070 m), located at the NW part of the
island. It is unactive about 20 thousand years.