Echosounding and videofootage of the bottom of Karymskoye lake

Karymskoye caldera lake

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Our paper about eruptions in Karymskoye lake

Sub-lacustrine volcanic explosion of surtseyan type
on January 2, 1996. The base surge is spreading outward
along the surface of the lake. Photo by Ya. Muravyev

View of the lake from the plane, in the
northern part of the lake - 1996 tuff ring.

Karymskoye lake. At background is the
erupting Karymsky volcano.View from south.

View of Karymskoye caldera lake from north-west.

Karymskoye lake at the end of October 2001.

Partly emerged tuff ring of the 1996 eruption,
with crater 600 m in diameter. View from north-east.