Volcanoes of Indonesia2

Indonesia, volcanoes on other islands.

info about Krakatau, Batur, Rinjani, Kelimutu, Ruang

Anak Krakatau, 2010. The volcanic island emerged
inside the 1883 caldera in the 1928. Its name (means
"The child of Krakatau") was suggested by Petroeschevsky
who studied the growing volcano.

Rinjani caldera on Lombok island contains a deep
lake inside. Historical eruptions of Rinjani (including the
last in 2016) are connected with the cone in the lake.

Batur volcano on Bali island. Last
eruption of Batur was in 2000.

Karangetang volcano on Siau island, 2011.

Kelimutu volcano on Flores island has
three summit crater lakes of varying colors.

Ruang is a small volcanic island. Last eruption
was at 2002. Sangihe Islands, 2012.