Volcanoes of Indonesia

Volcanoes of Indonesia

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Anak Krakatau, 2010. View from Padjang Island. The volcanic
island emerged inside the 1883 caldera in the 1928. Its name
(means "The child of Krakatau") was suggested by Vladimir
who studied the surtseyan-type eruption and
first landed on the growing volcano.Petroeschevsky
immigrated to Java after communist revolution in Russia.

The 1883 pyroclastic flow deposit,
Sertung Island.

Crater of Gede volcano, Central Java, 2010. Pangrango
volcano in background.

Karangetang volcano, Siau island, 2011.

Crater of Galunggung volcano, Central Java,2010.

Crater of Papandayn volcano, Central Java, 2010.

Crater of Papandayan volcano, 2010. Funnel of phreatic
explosion filled by acid lake.

Row of volcanic cones inside Batur Caldera,
Bali Island, 2009.