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info about volcanoes of Chaine de Puys

Chaine des Puys in Massif Central, Southern France,
is the youngest volcanic field in Europe and UNESCO
World Heritage site. It includes 48 cinder cones,
8 lava domes and 15 maars.

The lava dome Puy de Dome is the highest point
of Chaine des Puys (1465 m high). It was created
by the eruption 10,700 BP.

Maar Lac Pavin was formed by the last eruption
in Chaine des Puys 6000 BP.

Puy Chopine is a scoria cone 9700 years old.

The lava dome Puy de Clierzou is 1200 m high
and 11,000 years old.

Roche Tuiliere is the old volcanic edifice
to the south from Clermont-Ferrand.