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Volcanoes of Equador

Volcanoes of Equador

Info about Chimborazo, Guagua Pichincha, Quilotoa, Tungurahua, Reventador volcanoes.

Chimborazo, 6310 m high, is the Ecuador's highest
volcano. Last eruption was 1500 years ago.

Quilotoa is a 3-km-wide caldera filled by 240 m deep lake.

View from Guagua Pichincha to Ecuador's capital
Quito. Its largest eruption took place in 1660,
when up to 30 cm of ash accumulated in Quito.

Tungurahua, 5023 m high, is one of Ecuador's most
active volcanoes. 1999 eruption caused the temporary
evacuation of city Banos. The last eruption was in 2016.

Volcano observatory at the foot of Tungurahua volcano.

Reventador volcano is located in the jungles of the
Amazon basin. Photo was made in 2006, few months
after the strong eruption.